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Super GT, formerly known as All-Japan Grand Touring Championship from 1993 to 2004, is an extravagant racing event in Japan that started in 1993.

It had "All-Japan GT Championship" as the name from 1993 until 2004, where the series was named to "Super GT" in 2005 until present.

In 2014, the series will see technical regulations with the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM for short). All the GT500 cars will have a DTM-styled bodykit for the series.

They had a 10-year anniversary in 2003 and had a 20-year anniversary in 2013. Seen from the Super GT website, they created the "Archives of GT Spirits" since they had a 20-year anniversary.


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The 2013 Super GT season (2013年のSUPER GT 2013-nen no SUPER GT) was the 20th season of the JGTC.

The season saw Yuji Tachikawa and Kohei Hirate taking their title in GT500 for Team CERUMO, with Hideki Mutoh and Yuhki Nakayama taking their title in GT300 for Team Mugen.

There was about to be held an exhibition event held at Korea for the first time in Korea International Circuit, but was cancelled.

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The Latest News

  • Kazuki Nakajima and James Rossiter wins the 1000 km Suzuka in GT500, meanwhile Akira Iida, Hiroki Yoshimoto and Shinya Sato won the race in GT300. (31 August 2014)
  • Shinichi Takagi and Takashi Kobayashi takes GT300's pole position. (30 August 2014)
  • Kazuki Nakajima and James Rossiter takes GT500's pole position and breaks Daisuke Ito's lap record back in 2007. (30 August 2014)
  • Augusto Farfus, Jr., Christopher Haase, Ryo Michigami, Shinya Sato, Kazuki Hiramine, Ryuichiro Tomita, Wolfgang Reip, Hiroshi Hamaguchi, Naoya Yamano, Taiyo Iida, Tojiro Azuma and Kyosuke Mineo are the third drivers for the Suzuka race.
Previous Event: 2014 Fuji GT 300 km (9 - 10 August)
Latest Event: 2014 1000 km Suzuka (30 - 31 August)
Next Event: 2014 Okayama GT 300 km (5 - 6 October)

Final 2013 Standings


Pos. Drivers Pts.
1st Japan.png Tachikawa / Japan.png Hirate 69
2nd Japan.png Tsukakoshi / Japan.png Kaneishi 67
3rd Japan.png Nakajima / Great Britain.png Rossiter 60
4th Japan.png Yamamoto / France.png Makowiecki 56
5th Japan.png Oshima / Japan.png Kunimoto 52
Top 5 only shown

Pos. Team Pts.
1st Team CERUMO 89
2nd Real Racing 85
3rd Team TOM'S 80
4th Dome Racing Team 77
5th Team LeMans 72
Top 5 only shown


Pos. Drivers Pts
1st Japan.png Mutoh / Japan.png Nakayama 85
2nd Japan.png Hiranaka / Sweden.png Wirdheim 80
3rd Japan.png Taniguchi / Japan.png Kataoka 70
4th Japan.png Yamano / Japan.png Sasaki 66
5th Japan.png Takeuchi / Japan.png Tsuchiya 60
Top 5 only shown

Pos. Team Pts.
1st Team Mugen 107
2nd GAINER 100
3rd Goodsmile Racing 87
4th R&D Sport 87
5th Team SHIFT 84
Top 5 only shown

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