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The 2015 Super GT Season is the 10th season of the Super GT and the 22nd season of the JGTC.

Team changes[]

  • Dome Racing Team will not partipicate in this season to focus on other business, leaving Jean-Karl Vernay and Frédéric Makowiecki without a drive. HRD Sakura might partipicate in this season.
  • Team Tsuchiya will return to the series after 3 seasons. Takeshi Tsuchiya and Takamitsu Matsui are confirmed as drivers.
  • Goodsmile Racing will switch their car to a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3, ending their season entering with a BMW.
  • Cars Tokai Dream28 will switch their car from a McLaren MP4-12C GT3 to the SGT-EVORA.

Driver changes[]



    • Leaving: [Frédéric Makowiecki]] will continue racing in Super GT. However, on 27 January 2015, he was not appointed as one of Honda's drivers for 2015 because of Dome's withdrawal.
    • Changing: Tomoki Nojiri might step up to GT500. On 11 February 2015 he is confirmed as a driver of Autobacs Racing Team Aguri, leaving Vitantonio Liuzzi moving to the Brazilian Stock Car Championship.
    • Changing: Team Kunimitsu changed their driver lineup to their old driver lineup from 2010 until 2012; with the drivers Takuya Izawa and Naoki Yamamoto, leaving both Takashi Kogure into a new team Hideki Mutoh into Keihin Real Racing.
    • Leaving: Toshihiro Kaneishi will lose his seat at Keihin Real Racing.


    • Leaving: Michael Krumm pulled out of Kondo Racing, promoting Lucas Ordoñez to the team.


    • Leaving: Team TOM'S, both #36 and #37's driver lineup will not be changed. However, on 27 January, due to schedule conflicts with Kazuki Nakajima at WEC, Daisuke Ito took the seat, with Ryo Hirakawa taking the #37 seat after being a reserve driver for the team.
    • Changing: Kohei Hirate was not contracted to drive for Team CERUMO after 3 years with the team. Yuji Kunimoto was supposed to be the driver according to an Autosport WEB Japan magazine, but on 27 January the team chose Hiroaki Ishiura as the team's driver. That resulted in Hirate returning back to Team SARD.
    • Leaving: Oliver Jarvis was left without a drive after the season.
    • Entering: New Frenchman Nicolas Lapierre is likely going to acquire the seat for Team SARD, but however it was undecided and the team chose former Formula One sriver Heikki Kovalainen to be the second driver.



    • apr Racing's third driver Yuichi Nakayama was promoted to be a full-time driver.
  • Kazuya Tsuruta, Team MACH's third driver, joined Rn-sports as a second driver.


    • Shigekazu Wakisaka will return to the series after 7 years of absence.


    • André Couto will drive for GAINER #10. Masayuki Ueda moved to Rn-sports and Hideki Yamauchi moved to R&D Sport.
    • Kota Sasaki will be the third driver of apr Racing.
    • Morio Nitta left apr racing. He will join LM Corsa, which will enter with two cars.